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Enjoy an outdoor Pilates session in one of the most beautiful and unknown green areas of the city
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My name is Elena and I´m a Pilates Instructor certified by the Spanish Pilates and Tai-Chi Federation. I´ve been teaching group classes for over 6 years and I would like to apply that experience to the field of tourism because it would give me the opportunity to practice languages, one of my great hobbies along with dance and music. I speak native Spanish and Galician, study English and French (intermediate level) and have in mind to learn Portuguese and Italian in the future. I also know the LSE (Spanish Sign Language) because I´m an interpreter, although I don´t work as such.

The activity consists of an outdoor Pilates session for all levels in the "carballeira" of Conxo, one of the most beautiful and unknown green areas of the city, with a great historical weight not only for Santiago but for all Galicia. The duration will be 1 hour and no previous knowledge is required. Don't worry about the material, I'll take care of everything


Visited places

We´ll meet in the Plaza de Aurelio Aguirre and walk to the "carballeira".

Once there, we´ll get to know the place and its history and begin the session, which will last about an hour.

Finally, we´ll walk back to the square


It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing


No previous experience or knowledge required


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People (max. 10)
Ordinary: 19,00 €/person.
Children <12 year old: 9,00 €/person
Children <3 year old: 0,00 €/person
Included Features
Mat and towel

Note: Available booking with 1h in advance

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